Hello again, savvy savers! I hope this morning finds you well rested, and ready for a new days challenge! As last week was all about selling the goods gleaned from the week before lasts household deep cleaning No-Spend Challenges, I wanted to change gears this morning, and focus on the ways in which we can all make a few dollars, not by selling goods, but by capitalizing on our talents and abilities, using Fiverr.com.

Why Fiverr.com?

  • If you don’t know what fiverr is, you can signup on their website to list “gigs,” small, composed videos you create, educating people on some sort of activity, and in exchange you are paid $5.00!
  • Once you sell enough gigs, you become eligible to offer higher priced gigs and can make more money.

How to Start a Fiverr.com Account:

  1. The first step is signing up on their website at www.fiverr.com. 
  2. Once you’re logged in, you need create a gig.
  3. Under the new and improved Fiverr (V2), you click the Sales link in the top navigation.
  4. Next click on “My Gigs” from the right hand side of the page.
  5. Now you should see a big green button that says “ADD A NEW GIG”.
  6. Start by creating a gig title.
  7. It’s important to remember that when you’re first getting started on Fiverr, you can only sell 5 dollar gigs. 
  8. Sell something you think is valuable to somebody else but won’t take you forever to complete. 
  9. Fulfilling orders means delivering your gig on time within the time frame you specified. 
  10. In order to complete your gig listing, you need to pick a category and provide a description. 
  11. You will then be able to complete a listing, and that’s it!
  12. You can list up to 10 Gigs at a time.
  13. You’re now a Fiverr! 

Here are also a few Fiverr Tips:

  • You may think 10 orders and excellent ratings is difficult to accomplish. 
  • Another thing to note is Fiverr will allow you to upload a video into your gig gallery.
  • Fiverr claims that gigs with videos are viewed almost 3X more often than gigs without video. 
  • Once you have uploaded either a picture or video to your gig gallery, you can tag your gig with up to 5 keywords and provide any special instructions to the buyer.
  • After you publish your gig, it may need review before going live on the website.
  • My very first gig was automatically reviewed but approved within 24 hours.
  • After your gig has been approved and is listed as active in your Fiverr dashboard, you should start promoting it to your friends, family, and anybody else you think might be interested in buying your product or service. For instance, if you’re on Twitter, tweet it. Tons of friends on Facebook? Post it!
  • Fiverr charges a fee. Fiverr takes a 20% cut on every gig. Therefore, your $5 in your pocket payout is now $4, but still a fair payment. 

What would make good Fiverr.com gigs?

  • Are you a homeschooling parent, an educator, or an instructor? Consider showing others learning/teaching techniques or sample lesson plans.
  • Are you an awesome home chef? Post a recipe.
  • Can you juggle? Demonstrate a trick.
  • Are you an awesome storyteller? Record a story.
  • Are you a crafter? Show a demo on a DIY crafting project.
  • Are you a seasoned married couple? Share a video on advice and practice living.
  • Topics are limitless!

So, if you are interested in making money on Fiverr, give it a shot and you may surprise yourself. Do your homework though, and really think about something you can sell that provides value to the world around you. You may only be a few minutes away from being 5 dollars richer! 

So, for today I challenge you to create a Fiverr.com account, create a gig, post a video, and wait for the gigs to come in! 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a new daily challenge!

Here’s to saving,

Shamrock 21