Hello again, savvy savers! So today’s challenge was to tackle selling on local Facebook groups.

So, why Facebook? Well, it’s super simple to sell your unwanted stuff on Facebook local Buy, Sell, or Trade groups. So, today I am challenging you to look for Facebook sale groups in your area to post, sell, and profit from your household items, clothing, sporting goods, and baby items. So, how did you all do? 

Here are today’s details:

  • Overall, I set a goal to sell $100.00 on Facebook.
  • I listed ten clothing items, several new with tags (NWT).
  • I have also already made arrangement for pick-up, and so my items are now listed as pending pick-up (PPU).
  • I made sure to set my Facebook setting to notify me of all new messages, so that I can quickly check messages on my pc, laptop, iPad, and iPhone quickly. I am a third done selling, and have thus far potentially earned $78.00! 
  • I feel that I am quickly going to make my selling goal! 
  • I also cross listed items into several other local groups, and a local vintage group, too!

As well yesterday I was also able to accomplish:

  1. As part of my #Choose30 Daily Challenge, I woke up at 7:25, walked my fur babies, showered, & dressed to my shoes. (Thanks, Flylady!)
  2. Worked on my daily Motivated Moms Planner.
  3. I finished a day’s worth of clerking assignments ahead of schedule!
  4. I cooked from my pantry for each meal.
  5. Read my daily devotional.
  6. I waked two miles.

Yesterday I saved:

  • I eat at home this evening for dinner, saving our family $6.95. 
  • I recycled, upcycled, and composted one bins of deluge, and saved $0.25, the cost of 1 trash bag. 
  • I cooked three meals from my home pantry, saving $6.81 in the process.
  • My family drank water today, and saved $0.69, the cost of a 2-liter of soda.
  • I also did not watch cable tv, and saved $3.68 by doing so.
  • I lost a half day’s worth of electricity costs, and saved $3.00! 
  • I earned a $200.00 tax receipt from donating goods to local charities

Total amount I saved my family: $21.38

This months savings goal remaining: $123.48