Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with another great book review, and this time the book  NETfold by Gur Shamron. If you are a cyberpunk or steampunk genre fan, than this book is for you!  Imagine the idea of never having to worry about the mistakes and misgivings of this lifetime, as each person would have twenty-four other lifetimes, on Earth, to get things right.  This is the world of  NET, an Earth-like virtual-world, people can surf the tides in an attempt to alter each  person’s reality, where every Earth hour is a full NET day. A place where you can spend long hours preparing for a test, and lose only a few Earth minutes; or, own a magnificent NET-estate, and entertain friends from all over Earth for a weekend – each of them would lose only a couple of Earth hours! But even NET is not a perfect utopia, as Surfers suffer memory loss; NET facilities are being attacked; and a hacker is kidnapped to a mysterious site named.

Be sure to read this awesome sci-fi mystery to find out how this ideal and world lay out.

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