Day 16-

Hello again, savvy savers! I hope you are all well rested, and ready for a new No-spend Challenge! So, for today we will tackle selling on Facebook.

So, why Facebook? Well, it’s super simple to sell your unwanted stuff on Facebook local Buy, Sell, or Trade groups. So, today I am challenging you to look for Facebook sale groups in your area to post, sell, and profit from your household items, clothing, sporting goods, and baby items.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Search for your state or region and the word “sell” or “buy” to find local buy/sell/trade groups.
  2. If there are none, you can always start one and get the word out in your community!
  3. Many of the groups are closed, so you’ll have to ask permission to join, and others only accept certain types of listings.
  4. Many have strict listing requirements and limits on how many items you can try to sell per day in order to stave off spammers and scam artists.
  5. From there you can shop from people in your area, list your own items for sale, and set your own prices.
  6. Be sure to check out each group/administration rules prior to joining.
  7. Be sure to note whether you’re willing to ship something, or—in the case of furniture or large electronics or appliances—whether you’d rather the buyer come pick it up.
  8. Be specific in your pricing and listings; do not use vague terminology, such as “make me an offer.”
  9. Be prompt in answering questions, commenting on posts, as well as taking down notices for sold items.
  10. Always check your “other” folder in Facebook messenger; those whom you are not friends with, will have messages posted to this folder, so be sure to check it often to not miss out on any awesome offers of sale! 
  11. Each 24 hours you can “bump” a listing, an action which will automatically move a listing to the top of the groups wall by typing “bump” in the comment section under your listing; this can be done once per item, per group, per 24-hour period. 
  12. Be courteous. Allow users to ask questions, and then try and sell to the first inquiry before continuing down your list.
  13. Don’t be afraid of offers or hagglers. Know your items worth, not it’s sentimental value, it’s actual worth. In order to make a sale, you must be willing to negotiate on price; this doesn’t mean accepting insulting, low-ball offers, but reasonable offers. 
  14. When scheduling a pick-up time, schedule your drop offs in a well lit, public place, and bring a friend or family member with you. Also, if selling multiple items, have your buyers come in 15 minute increments to avoid wasting gas and time waiting on buyers who may be no-shows! 
  15. Have fun! This goes without saying you should have fun, even when selling goods! 

Beyond the above listed basics, there are great benefits to selling locally on Facebook:

  • The big benefit of using Facebook like this is that you set your price and there’s no one taking a cut of your sale price or charging you to host your listing.
  • You can set your own preferred method of payment.
  • You also have the opportunity to become part of a community where people are looking for bargains as much as others are looking to declutter their homes. 

So today, I challenge you to start selling your items on Facebook!

Here’s what to do today:

  • Set a small goal, say $100.00 in value, or ten items to sell.
  • Find a local Facebook Group.
  • Join your group.
  • Prep your items for sale; make sure items are clean, ready for pick-up, sorted, and photographed. 
  • Be patient! Sales take time. 
  • Get ready to sell!

So stop checking your Facebook wall, and start raking in that cash today! Good luck!  Be sure to check back tomorrow morning to see today’s recap, and for tomorrow’s challenge, too!